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Longrigg Research (as yet not catalogued properly)


Appleby in Westmorland

(I failed to find any Longrigg graves in Appleby in 'my' family tree)

  general views


    St Lawrence's church


St Nicholas church, Lazonby

  Peter Longrigg born 1822, buried Lazonby (collector of taxes)

Joseph Longrigg, died 1850 buried Lazonby (collector of taxes)

Arthur Longrigg died 1959

Hutton in the Forest church (dedicated to St James)

(and a very beautiful setting)

John Longrigg, died 1866, buried Hutton


Joseph Longrigg - this grave marker was so well worn that it was impossible to transcribe beyond what you can pick out for yourself from this picture.  


St Marys church Cumwhitton



 Anne Longrigg d 1920, buried Cumwhitton