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 Dollis Hill 1933-75

(where my father worked in the 1930s)




Colossus computer


1914, the Post Office (who were also involved with telecommunications at that time) set up a research branch of their Engineering Department on a ridge at Dollis Hill in northwest London. At that point, it wouldíve been pleasantly rural, and by 1921, a collection of sheds and workshops could be found scattered around the site.

More permanent buildings were erected and in 1933 the majestic main building (built to designs by the Department Of Works) was opened by the prime minister J. Ramsay MacDonald.

Fast forwarding to 2003, the majestic building is still there, although it offers little to an urban explorer interested in derelict sites. After selling the site in the 1980s, the buildings were snapped up by a developer and the main building is now a block of rather exclusive flats  (source)






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