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Roger Longrigg


1929 - 2000


Born in 1929 at Edinburgh, Roger Longrigg spent his early childhood in Scotland, Iraq, Palestine, and Buckinghamshire. In 1940 he went to the U.S.A., where he took part, as a young teenager, in summer camps, dances - correctly dressed in tuxedo - hay-rides, and various ball-games. On his return to England in 1944 he went to Bryanston School, but has now (he says) lost the excel lent education and sense of Christian endeavour he acquired there. Entering the army in 1947, he was commissioned and spent a year in Egypt. In 1949 he went to Magdalen College, Oxford, for three years, but his literary efforts were confined to answering invitations. He started in advertising in 1952, is still in it, and still likes it. Interested in racing, he has also travelled widely in Italy and made many friends there. Roger Longrigg is married and has two daughters. (written in 1962)

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Roger Longrigg



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