Hans Swift - actor           

Background, supporting artiste, Actor, Speaking Roles, Extra. ETCETERA




                                       Below - with Janet Suzman in 'Mountbatten the Last Viceroy' (1985) (I am the one on the right .. )

Hans and Janet Suzman 1985




Agencies:          2020casting       Guys & Dolls         The Casting Network

based in SW London (UK passport holder and resident)

contact:  hes@speckledhen.net


Hans Holby City

 Holby City (BBC1 September 2016)


Lucky Man 2016

Lucky Man (Sky TV series 2016)



  The Infiltrator (September 2016) 

  Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation (2015)

Hans Heineken 2015 World Cup TVC

     HEINEKEN Rugby World Cup commercial (2015) link

(March 2015 - resumed acting after 30 year break !)

Mountbatten the Last Viceroy (1985)

member of the National Youth Theatre (1972-76)


some friends:    Nick Morris (film director)    Nick on Wiki   Nick on IMDb

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