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Dateline: Washington D.C


wednesday 17 january 2001.

We 'did' the Delaware Eastern coast resorts on Sunday - from Lewis through Bethaney Beach and down to Ocean City - and enjoyed the tour completely.  It was fun from spending time together to the tour.  350 miles later and a cup of hot coffee at home warmed us back up.

But the big triumph of the week (just to annoy them if they are reading) is that Clare and I completely trunced the experts Barbara and Myrna at bridge yesterday.  Even Barbara's wonderful cooking and several bottles of wine shared down one end of the table did not affect the score ! 


The start of a long weekend in the US (Monday 15 is Martin Luther King's birthday).  Clare and I are planning to head out North into Maryland and then East across the Bay Bridge.


Saturday 6 January 2001

Twelfth Night already and the decorations are all turned off and tomorrow is the great dismantling day.  Clare has taken the cards down and made the list for next year.

It seems a shame - it snowed again yesterday and it has been a warm sunny day.  Too soon to take the lights down!


Hans, and strangers at Great Falls, Christmas 2000 ..